AC Installation

At first glance, a new air conditioner unit for your Phoenix home may seem too expensive to afford. Many homeowners attempt to install a new HVAC on their own, which often results in damage to brand new units. That’s why we advise you to call Boldt HVAC & Repair when it’s time to get a new AC.

We are experienced with both large and small AC units, so it does not matter how big your house or office is. We can help decide which unit will work best for both your needs and your budget, and can then schedule a visit at a time that works well for you. It is our objective to ensure that every structure in the Phoenix area has appropriate climate control in order for residents to be comfortable, at home and at work. Whether you have questions and want some suggestions on the best AC unit for your home, or if you are ready to schedule an install today, we are here for you.

We also do commercial HVAC installations.

When you live in Phoenix, air conditioner installation appointments are often needed as soon as possible. The summer heat can quickly cause threats to your health, as well as general discomfort. If you are tired of feeling hot, call Boldt HVAC & Repair for a new AC unit installed in your home or office.